Monday, September 20, 2010

Flower Pot Makeover!

First post! First post! Here we go!

Crazy 2 comin' at ya here!

To start off... little bit about me. My sweetie and I are coming up on being married for 2 years... we just bought our first house in May and are super excited to redo.... everything (well, at least I'm excited, hehe!). We've been kinda slow at making it our own... we procrastinate. Working room by room goes slower than one would think, at least for us it does. So as we're woking on getting new paint and carpet for the bedrooms, i've been scouring 2nd hand stores for old treasures to revamp! I'm way into (especially lately) finding something old and making it new... and doing it inexpensively to boot!!

For this project, can i just say... I LOVE orchids!!! I've been looking for a decent silk arrangement for a while, because 1) live plants die in my house hold and 2) Danny's allergic to a lot of naturey stuff!... but one that looks halfway decent = $$$. The other day i went to Ross and lo and behold... i found the one! Freaking fabulous and only (drumroll please) $6.99!!!! (Insert happy dance here). Only problem. the vase it was in... HEEEEEEDIOUS!! But i knew i could fix that in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, i demoed it and got rid of the vase before i thought to take a picture (sorry Crazy 1) so you can't see how bad it was... anyway... So i snatched the little beauty up and took 'er home.

Plan A:

So i had this small little vase that i bought at the D.I. and decided to go kinda out of the box on the color... Pink. Yeah-- turned out AWFUL!!

Plan B:

Found this light fixture at the D.I. for less than a dollar.

And I decided to turn it upside down and make it a planter.

To start, I spray painted the inside white so that my filler would not show through the translucent glass.

Then i hot glued the foam ball to the bottom of the fixture and stuck the flowers in the foam. And then i filled the dead space with crumpled up computer paper (normally i would have used news paper, but i just wanted to be safe about not letting the anything show through the glass). This is what it looked like at that stage.

Then I hot glued some of these rocks:

to the foam ball so they wouldn't get dislodged in case it ever got bumped.

And last step... i just filled in the rest of the fixture with rocks. Easy peasy! The whole project took me about an hour... Totally worth it. This baby is going on my coffee table and you'll see it in its new home soon. I also have 1 more step before it's completely finished... i need to find something to attach to the bottom so it sits completely flat. as of right now it's a teeny bit wobbly. But i still love it. What do you think?

Expense breakdown:

  • Flowers: $6.99
  • Bowl: $0.75
  • Foam ball: $2.00
  • Rocks: $3.00
  • I already had the paper, hot glue and spray paint. And I only used a fraction of each, so i won't try and break down how much that cost.... I'm sure it totals less than $1 though.

Total cost: $12.74 + tax -- can't beat that!!

Feel free to leave some love! (aka comments)

-Crazy 2


  1. Am I allowed to comment on my own blog?? I just have to say I love this! Such a great idea. Those ugly lights are everywhere- what a creative use. See- that's why I want to blog with YOU. Fantastic project. :)
    - Crazy 1

  2. Hello Crazy 2! Thank you for this great idea! Here's my result! I'm so happy!! Thank you! X

  3. I love it! It is so modern and chic. Really beautiful.