Monday, February 6, 2012

Painted Fireplace {Before and After}

Happy Monday, my Lovelies! Crazy 2 here today. This weekend was devoted to painting my fireplace. It's been a looooooooong friendly battle with my husband to try and get him to let me do this. But he now agrees with me on how much better it is. Sigh. Thank you. Here's a before pic.

Ugly. Dirty. Outdated. Just. Plain. Gross. Until...

SOOOOO much better! It's still not what i would choose myself for a fireplace, but as far as bang for your buck, this one's a winner. I used about a half gallon of paint and about 6 hours worth of time :S But it was so worth it. Do you think so?

Now all i need is for my handsome hubby to build me a mantle :D


  1. I love all your crafty projects and the cute mirror!! I love to redo items also. I just started a site please come and join me.

  2. Looks great! Had to laugh..........same thing with my hubby - they usually come around and see it our way, and then eventually admit they like it! At least that's the way it is for us!

  3. Such an improvement! I love the added touch from the picture. :)