Monday, October 4, 2010

Bedroom Revamp:

Hey there Crafters! Crazy #2 here again with some progress on our new house! We knew when we moved in that our outdated 70's dream house was going to need a lot of revamping. New paint and flooring, we knew, would go a long way! Here's out bedroom before:

Yeah... SO total BLAH and not me at ALL!! In the pictures it doesn't look as bad as it really was. The carpet was ancient! And had ancient stains on it as well... but what made it really gross was the smell that went along with it. It had to go!!

First thing on the list... paint. our bedroom is pretty small, so i didn't want to use a super dark paint--making it feel ultra claustrophobic. So i debated over colors for a couple months. Literally. I knew the look i was going for and the color i needed to achieve that. The color was.... PURPLE. I know it sounds crazy, but with the right purple i knew it would look totally sophisticated and modern. My problem was just finding the right one. AND... How luck am i to have a hubby that trusts my style that much (he loves it by the way).

First thing was first... the ceiling needed some help... it was 70's navaho white that actually is yucky yellow and it needed some freshening up.

For a few months, our bedroom wall looked like this:

Full of test paints that i couldn't choose between.

Finally, I had it narrowed down between Glidden's Amethyst haze and Valspar's Winter Calm. The one i ended up choosing was......... both. haha. i decided on an accent wall of the valspar color because it was darker, that way i could still have it in the room but it wouldn't be overwhelming.

I actually have kind of been against accent walls for a while... because They're on their way out of style and often times people get carried away with them. But almost every person that has come through our bedroom since it's been painted barely notices it... then when i point it out they realize how nice the subtle difference is. So i love it. (Thanks crazy #1 for the accent wall suggestion!)
So... next on our operation renovation was carpet. We got a killer deal on some INSANELY soft carpet. Yesterday, my 2 year old niece walked in there and said "Oooo! So soft!" then started doing carpet angels all over the floor. Yeah, we kinda like it. So here's how it looked during the carpet laying:

My sweet & handsome hubby helping out with the carpet. Mmmm... what a cutie.
And after that came the baseboards.... The cost an arm and a leg. But OOOOO! They were worth it. Totally gorgeous and can you say Holy HUGE Statement??

Man, this guy is so dang cute!
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And FINALLY!!! Done!

I have a lot of accessories that have added/will add to this space... Including a tutorial on how i made that headboard! But i didn't want to spoil them by posting a photo with them it it. So stay tuned for some fun, inexpensive diy accessory additions that i'll have up soon. Til then, this is crazy #2 headed out! Keep it crafty!

-Crazy 2


  1. So cute!!! Can't wait to see more updates!

  2. Love your ideas, but I can't figure out what the D.I. is that you refer to. Can you help?

  3. Oh, yeah. I forget that it's a Utah-only thing. The D.I. is short for Deseret Industries. It's like the Salvation Army for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.