Thursday, October 21, 2010

Smooky Halloween Tree

Crazy 1 with a fun and, (as my three year old would say,) a "smooky" Halloween tree. Here at our house, we love all things Halloween- except the gruesome.
We decided to make a non-scary decoration for our home as a family. Keep reading to see how to make your own tree for nothing or even FREE!!!
With the lights off.
With the lights on.
1- Go on a walk and collect a bunch of dead branches.
2- Bring home said branches and tape them together.
3- Make sure the "tree" is perfect.
(we left on some leaves to add to the effect)

4- Take said "tree" outside and spray paint it black
5- Let said "tree" fall over, being sure to break off your most favorite branches ;)
6- Take inside and DECORATE

Last year we bought a whole bunch of Halloween decorations after the holiday and got everything at 50% off.

We didn't pay one single thing this year since we already had the cobwebs, lights, candy corn garland (I'd still like more), ghost (a friendly one- with a happy face), spray paint, tape, and bucket.

Be creative and have fun.

Happy Halloweening!! - Crazy 1

p.s. You can see a tiny sneak peek of our mantle- built from scratch. Pics Coming Soon to a blog near you!

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