Monday, February 7, 2011

Cupcake Tray

Wow- from Halloween to February?! Where the heck have we been?! Busy I guess.
Yesterday was my 4 year old's birthday. We made cupcakes for her party. We don't have any amazing display-ware, so I got to thinking about what I had around the house that I could use.

I remembered this $2.25 tray that I picked up on Christmas clearance at Walmart. I plan to spray paint it eventually.

But I thought it worked out great. They were easy to transport as we set up for the party, and to keep away from little fingers.

And just imagine how cute they would be if you actually coordinated your tray and cupcake colors. And had cute cupcake wrappers!!! Next time I'll plan better. But I still loved how it turned out.

The End. - Crazy 1

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