Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bedroom B&A

Crazy 2 finally back with some bedroom updates. So remember my old yucky bedroom?

Then remember the after?

Well this is what it looks like now.


I just get that relaxed "ahhhhhhhh" feeling whenever I walk in. It's so satisfying to see something you love and know that you did that! This is exactly the feeling I was going for. Soft, sophisticated, chic, romantic, and most of all... relaxing. So good to be home.

It's still needing a few finishing touches..... like a door. haha. but we'll get there. We don't have kids yet, so we're not in dire need of privacy at the moment. lol. But ohhhhhhh! i love it so much! I also took down the headboard to re-do it. It didn't turn out as tufted and lavish as i'd like, so back to the workshop it went. :)

But, I did install these myself yesterday.

I got these sconces for us for Christmas off of for $10 a piece. (Can you say score?) They had never been used since the original owner bought the wrong type of sconce on clearance and they wouldn't exchange them. And best of all, they were just right up the street from where I live! Nice. I still need to spray paint them a brushed nickel since that's our accent metal in this room. But one thing at a time. ;)
I love them so much! They totally give our room a hotel-like feel. And once I finish the headboard re-do as mentioned above, that will only add to that feeling. Can't wait! Here's also some more accessory before and afters.
All of the accessories in our bedroom I either made, bought at the D.I. and gave it new life, or bought it for $1 or less. Definite decorating on a budget.

NEVER under estimate the power of spray paint!

These were still in their box when i found them at the D.I. $5.00

Bit o'spray paint. :)
And ta da!
How lovely and dainty!

Shelves & Mirror:

Bought all at D.I. for $1.00 each

I ALMOST passed this mirror up when I was shopping at the D.I. Now I wonder if I was out of my mind at the time. It's totally gorgeous. and just a buck!
Ugly now, but.....

Apply the magic of spray paint:

AND.... voila.. instant fabulous!

Check back later for more design on a budget tips! 'Til then, keep creating!


  1. How beautiful! I love the simplicity. I am all about feminine chic spaces. You guys are awesome! Keep the posts coming!


  2. I LOVE this room!!! The layout of your bedroom is the exact same as mine, window in the same place and everything, but ours is off-white with burgundy. You've totally inspired me to finish my room and have the zen too!